Training Master Plan

Livi recently finished her Rally Intermediate title, and I plan to pursue a Rally Advanced title with her next, which means we have to do a really scary thing – go OFF LEAD int he ring.  The stations are nearly identical to those in Rally Intermediate, so the challenge will be keeping her attention as we navigate a series of stations in the ring, with a judge watching in the ring and spectators looking on from ringside.

Iris, on the other hand, is signed up for a K9 Nosework training class that starts in January, 2019.  Some Bull Terriers are really excelling in this sport and I decided Iris was the ideal candiate as she has a bit of a training foundation, but hasn’t been focused on training that requires close handler attention.  My biggest motivation is that my all breed club, The Progressive Dog Club of Wayne County is offering scentwork trials in conjunction with our next shows in April, and I’m hoping to be one of the people who understands what’s going on during that competition by then!

Thinking Amy’s next move training wise will be to find a convenient Barn Hunt class, she is showing a pretty strong prey drive and I’m hoping she’ll have more of her grandmother’s love for rats and less of her mother’s love for tunnels.  We’ve got to start training to figure that out!

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