Amy finds the rat!

Amy hunting at the Barn Hunt trial in Novi

I took Amy to a Novice Barn Hunt training session with Coach Karli in Howell, and was pleased to find out she was very good at finding rats and importantly, not paying much attention to the the decoy rat litter tubes hidden on the barn hunt course. She gave the litter tubes the same kind of dismissive sniff that her grandmother Marley does, and moves on to look for the real target of the hunt, the tube with a live rat. Tunnels were more of a challenge, not that she was worried about going through them, she just didn’t quite see the point. So that’s our homework, setting up our play tunnel in the house and encouraging her to go through. Encouraged by her good performance at training I signed her up for Instinct and Novice trials that will be part of the Michigan Winter Dog Classic. I’ll make sure we make at least one more training session to work on those tunnels and more challenging searches before the shows.