Rally Advanced Match #2

Livi and I headed up to Flint for another Match at the Companion Dog Training facility last weekend. The driving was harrowing at times, proving once again I am a Crazy Dog Person.This time, we tried the Advanced course off lead, which included several Master and Excellent signs. When I pointed this out, they added a couple options that were easier to those stations, but we still did a couple above the Advanced level.

Livi’s attention was pretty good, on her second run she got a little sluggish in spots, but overall I was happy. Her figure eight was amazing the second time around, I remember doing figure eights in Beginner Novice where she was lagging so badly I was afraid I’d pull her collar off over her head, so this was wonderful! She also did a very nice left pivot, which improved at least in part by my paying close attention to footwork. Rally pivots are a big opportunity for handler error to cost the team points.