Bull Terrier Specialty Judging in Morgantown WV

White Bull Terrier
Best of Variety White

I had my second Bull Terrier specialty judging assignment on June 16, 2019 at the Clarksburg Kennel Club in Morgantown West Virginia. This was the last show of the Golden Triangle Bull Terrier Club’s supported weekend, and as often happens over the course of 3 days of shows, there were a number of absentees.

Since this show is only about 5 1/2 hours by car from my home, I opted to drive and got in Saturday afternoon. Unlike the shows in California, the club did not have activities planned for me, and the other judges had already left, so I was left to entertain myself up until show time.

brindle and white bull terrier
Best of Variety Colored

Mountaineer Country Ice Cream

When faced with the prospect of dining alone, I often opt for ice cream and scout around for local independent stores with good Yelp reviews. Mountaineer Country Ice Cream is just such a place. It carries Hershey’s ice cream, and way more flavors than I realized that brand made. Including varieties like Superman, a Detroit favorite, and Magical Unicorn, which was a new one on me. I decided to go with a coconut variety that included almonds and chocolate chips.

The really unique thing about the Mountaineer Country Store is the OTHER stuff it carries. It’s a little bit like a Cracker Barrel, with candy, casual clothing, country knick-knacks and a large selection of colorful Adirondack chairs. It’s also a bait shop. And a gun store. I was a little disconcerted when the manager told someone that they had to wait for their sundae while he got another customer’s worms. Thankfully the woman who waited on me seemed to specialize in scooping ice cream!

Judging Bull Terriers

This was a supported entry for Bull Terriers only, I also judged Miniature Bull Terriers, but there were only a couple entered, and I was happy they were quite nice ones. It was also a plus that I didn’t have to take the time to write critiques for them. Moving on to standards, the entry was a bit smaller than in California to begin with, and as noted earlier, affected by last day attrition.

Dog Show Critique Writing: Method #2

I used Evernote for my critiques this time, which allowed me to attach an audio note to a photo, this I found much easier than the photo + written note system I used in California. I am considering recording videos in the future which would keep everything in one format so I don’t have to do any switching between different functions on my phone.

The AKC Field Rep Report

This time I had the same AKC rep as at my first show, but this time I received a satisfactory evaluation. Got another “black mark” for the time I took due to the critiques. I did get out of the ring before the next judge was scheduled, but not by much.

Heading Home

Received a nice selection of goodies as my judges gift, including two tall coffee mugs. I am a bit of a mug hoarder, and my husband and I have a running joke about it every time I bring home more, but he does like this style of mug, so they are in pretty frequent breakfast rotation.

Boy that drive home was a long one! Ran into several storms on the way and stopped for a few coffees, but made it home that evening safe and sound. It’s always good to be home with my husband Mike and my very own Bull Terriers!

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