Breeding Bull Terriers: Always have a Plan B!

I decided to breed my Amy (GCH Nuance Next Big Thing, ROM) as soon as possible after the disappointing results with Iris, who had only one puppy. Fortunately, Amy was able to finish both her AKC Grand Champion and Bull Terrier Club of America Recognition of Merit titles in August, 2020, before coming in season in December.

My initial plans involved frozen semen, but when she chose to come in season, it became clear that if she followed the same fertility pattern as her mother, it was very likely that the ideal breeding day would be sometime over the Christmas weekend. Since frozen semen requires both very precise timing and veterinary reproductive specialist assistance, which might not be available locally when it was needed, I decided I needed a “Plan B.” I started reaching out to friends who had suitable, proven Bull Terrier sires within driving distance.

One call went to Stuart Cairns of St George Bull Terriers in Ohio, who had mentioned he had imported a small white dog in 2019. He has hesitated to show the dog since he’s small compared to many of the white dogs being shown right now. When he sent me a photo I immediately thought he was very suitable for Amy. When I saw his pedigree, I was pleasantly surprised to see they matched up well on her sire’s side. Ironically, the most common shared dog in their pedigrees was extremely large, but he also was quite sound and a strong producer of quality animals. Sully is pretty small, but I’d rather own and show dogs the size of Amy’s mother and uncles than dogs the size of her father!

We ended up breeding these Bull Terriers on Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas. I have a feeling the frozen timing would have been pretty iffy. Time will tell if we had success doing it “live” in Ohio.

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