Seven Tips for Photographing Bull Terriers in Snow

Every year, I send out personalized holiday cards to all my puppy people as well as friends and family. Those cards always feature a photo of one or more of my Bull Terrier in the snow. Over the years my husband Mike and I have captured some really fun photos. We just shot our photos for next year, and I thought I’d share some of our tips:

  1. Have a plan and watch the weather! Ideal conditions are when snow covers the ground but is not high enough to cover your dog. You never know what part of winter that’s going to be, in Michigan we usually get good conditions once or twice in January or February. A little overcast is better than blinding bright light and bonus for big fluffy snowflakes falling.
  2. Plan your background. Try to shoot in an area with as few distractions as possible, look around so you can avoid fences, lawn furniture, or other distractions from the Bull Terriers in your photo.
  3. While you’re looking at the background, check out where the sun is, and keep the sun behind your photograper.
  4. Separate dog handler and photographer roles. It’s WAY easier if you have someone help get the dogs in position and moving. Just make sure the dog handler is paying attention to where the photographer is shooting so they stay out of the way.
  5. Throw snowballs! It’s a great way to get dogs running through the snow; one year Mike captured Livi catching one in her mouth, probably my all-time favorite shot
  6. Try to get the dog running parallel to or straight toward the photographer. Throw the snowballs across the photographer’s field of view or throw the ball away from the photographer, when the dog comes back for your next throw, you can catch some great shots with ears flying and snowy noses.
  7. My photographer-husband shared that he uses the sports action mode on his camera that takes multiple shots at once, this makes it more likely he’ll catch the best parts of the action.

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