Wow! Seven Bull Terrier Puppies!

x-ray of a pregnant dog showing puppy skeltons
Amy’s x-ray taken on November 9, 2022

A nice surprise

I knew Amy was pregnant, she had a positive ultrasound, she was acting very clingy, her belly was getting bigger, and her nipples are enlarged and bright pink. The ultrasound estimate was “3 or 4” for sure. Well, when we did an x-ray this week, which was day 54 post-ovulation, the number they saw was 3 AND 4, seven puppies!

I am prepared for a large litter of Bull Terriers

After all the small and failed litters over the past 3 years, I have accumulated a lot of supplies that never were used. Fresh iodine, but no cords to sanitize at home. A lovely “warming box” as directed by Myra Savant Harris in her books and seminar which was WAY too big for one or two puppies. So I am hoping all goes well and I can put all this equipment to use!

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