Mentoring New Exhibitors

I received a surprising email in late May, 2023 from Jussi Kakkonen, a newer Bull Terrier exhibitor who lives in Finland. He had seen my show tips page and handouts and asked if I minded looking over how he stacked his dog. He asked if I could give him some feedback on his stacking methods, and mentioned he was going to DIY a set of stacking blocks to work on his dogs stacking.

We had an interesting back an forth email conversation comparing dog shows, dog showing styles, and even puppy prices in the USA vs Finland. I was able to share some additional resources, like Madcap University and the Leading Edge Dog Show Academy. Both have excellent free and in depth paid content about the care and training of show dogs.

As our conversation went back and forth, I got a Linkedin connection request and discovered that we had a common interest in the automotive industry as well as Bull Terriers, although in different sectors. It was a fun exchange and left me feeling I was paying back to the Bull Terrier community that has given me so much enjoyment over the years.

If you’re looking to get into showing Bull Terriers, or just would like to more about their care, please reach out. I can get really busy, but these mentoring inquiries are the emails I usually take time for, if not immediately, within a few days.

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