Bull Terrier Puppies for Sale

Too Many Bull Terriers!

I love Bull Terriers, I’ve spent more than 50 years of my life with Bull Terriers. When Amy had a litter last fall, I kept one puppy. I got another puppy back in May and spent some time evaluating her. They are fun, but raising puppies is hard work, and Bull Terrier puppies have their special challenges. As my adult Bull Terriers are getting older, not to mention my husband and I, I find that caring for ALL of us is getting to be too much. I’ve got dogs with orthopedic issues, gall bladder issues, and skin issues, and a husband whose knees aren’t letting him help with dog walking anymore.

We would be happier if there were fewer dogs here, and more dogs with their own homes that can focus on their needs. So I’m looking for homes for both Claire and Brook from my latest litter. They are unique souls and will need unique homes. I know from experience that people who take older puppies are some of the best homes I’ve found. I know the right homes will come and I will wait until they do. It will be sad to see the little girls go, but a blessing to see them thrive in a new family who has the time to devote to each one.

white bull terrier puppy holding a Kong toy


Claire is very typical of the type of Bull Terrier I like, compact, muscular, with symmetrical proportions. She was almost my “keeper” but I wasn’t sure about her head or mouth. Head is show quality, mouth is acceptable. Claire is active, has a strong prey drive and can get pretty worked up over toys, especially balls. She needs a securely fenced yard and no small animals in the home. She was returned for not being able to modulate her play such that she got into fights with the other dog in the house, so no dogs either. As long as she has her people, she will be happy, and she can interact with dogs just fine on lead in social settings like dog classes, shows or trials.

Her original owners sent Claire to daycare and boarding training sessions, both places used positive training methods. She is currently enrolled in a Household Manners obedience class at Northfield Dog Training. I think she needs to learn more about working as a team with her people. She knows a lot of the material already, but some things need a refresher and others are new to her. Claire is housebroken, crate trained, walks reasonably well on leash, knows position changes and loves to play fetch. She has attended conformation classes put on by Ann Arbor Kennel Club and went Best of Winners for one AKC point at her very first show and then in early August went Winners Bitch at a supported show in Canfield Ohio for a 3 point “major” win. Claire has taken Barn Hunt lessons with the Michigan Barn Hunt Club founder Karli Mueller, and shows potential to do well in that sport.


White Bull Terrier puppy lying down with paw on Kong toy

I planned to keep Brook and hoped to show her, but her temperament will make conformation dog shows difficult for her. I would prefer to let her have her own home where she can interact primarily with a small group of people she loves and trusts. She has a pretty head and is the type of Bull Terrier that looks better and better as they mature. She is sweet with people she knows, but takes a little bit to warm up to strangers. Brook can also be a wild and crazy Bull Terrier puppy, with no fear of climbing, jumping, or going through tunnels, natural or man made. Once she gets to know you she is affectionate and sassy. She has a classic Bull Terrier independent streak!

Brook has completed Puppy Kindergarten at Northfield Dog Training and Intro to Tracking at Ann Arbor Dog Training Club. She housebroken, crate trained, is working on her leash manners, knows position changes and caught on to tracking pretty quickly, although she’s got a little too much puppy enthusiasm for articles and flags! I think she could do well with tracking once she outgrows her puppy rambunctiousness and works a little more on self control. She has taken Barn Hunt lessons with the Michigan Barn Hunt Club founder Karli Mueller, and shows potential to do well in that sport.

Brook is friendly with other dogs, but like any Bull Terrier plays rough and can be too much for many other dogs. I would prefer a home without other dogs. Homes with dogs must have experience with Bull Terriers and introducing new dogs to existing pets.

Waiting for the Best Home

I am retired, I will keep these puppies until the right home comes along, but am looking forward to finding them each a home where they will can get the individual attention they need and deserve. It’s always so rewarding to hear about my puppies’ new adventures with the families that love them. Reach out if you think you might be the right home for Brook or Claire.

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  1. How much are your beautiful girls? My 13 year old male crossed over the rainbow bridge today. My house is too quiet, we have always had a dog or dogs. Bill yerriers for the last 20 years. My son has his own at his house. We have 2 acres fenced, in Indianapolis. I am also retired. We have a lot of love to give, and a pup would help us grieve our loss. Squiggy was a special guy,we loved him so much.


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