Keeping Bull Terrier Puppies Busy

Adolescent Bull Terriers Need to Keep Active

It can be exhausting to have one adolescent Bull Terrier puppy, and it is not easier to have two Bull Terrier puppies when they have issues since young puppyhood. That means they each have to have their own “shift” and are out by themselves. I’m doing this to ensure they don’t get into a fight. So far the puppies remain friendly next to each other when they travel together, which is my goal. I am hoping to get each of these puppies placed in their own homes.

The Morning Puppy Shift

Every morning each puppy gets some morning time with me in the kitchen and dining room as I have coffee and breakfast and review my plans for the day. Weather permitting, they each go on a brief walk in the neighborhood focused on improving their loose leash walking. Claire definitely has the edge on Brook on this, as Claire lived in a city where she went on frequent walks in her first home. On the other hand, Brook was so worried about things out in the neighborhood, it’s taken time for her to be confident enough to walk down the block. Whoever is in a training class will usually get a quick review of lessons during this time.

Out and About Midday

In the afternoon, if time and weather permit, we go on road trips, usually to a local park. I try to pick places with some activity but not so much that they can’t pay attention to me or are worried about all the people and noise. Rotary Park in Livonia, Heritage Park in Farmington, and Hines Park in Northville are some of my favorite spots to visit. We will occasionally go to a pet store, like Pet Supplies Plus or Premier Pet, but the risk of running into unruly and loud dogs or more likely, getting a leash entangled in my shopping cart and losing track of both credit card and keys, makes that a less common choice.

Evening Bull Terrier Puppy Cool Down

After dinner, we get in some yard time, roaming around the lawn and sometimes doing some Kong fetches to get them tired. I try to limit it to no more than 10 throws, just because of their age I don’t want to over-strain any muscles, and with Claire, she is SO interested in toys, I try not to let her have the rubber ones long enough that she gets obsessed with them. They occasionally get some downtime with durable chews in the living room while we watch TV, but that is definitely the area of their training that would benefit most from being in their own homes.

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