Brook and Claire Hit the Road

My Bull Terrier puppies, Brook and Claire competed in shows in September, 2022. I would like to place Brook and Claire, my two white Bull Terrier puppies born in November, 2022, in their own homes so they can get more individual time and attention. I’m trying my best to keep them busy, and in September and October, that means dog shows!

Bull Terrier Club of Metro Detroit Specialty Weekend

I am an active member of the Bull Terrier Club of Metro Detroit and wanted to support the weekend by showing my puppies. Claire had been doing very well in her training at the Ann Arbor Kennel Club’s conformation classes, so I was comfortable entering her all three days. I wasn’t sure that Brook would like doing three days of shows given how she is cautious with strangers approaching her. Using Brenda Aloff’s Get Connected protocols, I worked on desensitizing Brook to being handled all over her body. Brook was very sensitive about having her mouth and rear handled, so I worked carefully to get her comfortable with me touching her in both areas and showing her teeth. I took Brook to the AAKC classes for the 3 weeks leading up to the show, and made sure each instructor was aware that she was sensitive. Brook gained confidence every week, and by the last class, she let a man she had never seen before touch her all over and let me show him her teeth. Success!

Brook On the Day of the Specialty

Sharon Keillor handling Brook, a white bull terrier at a dog show

My friend Sharon Keillor, who is a very skillful handler, and a person Brook had met multiple times, showed Brook for me at the BTCMD Specialty on Saturday, September 30th. She was in the sweepstakes under Sean Evans and the regular classes under Naomi Waynee. Both judges gave thorough exams, checked her teeth, and ran their hands over her entire body. Brook did great! She went second to Claire in the sweepstakes and won her puppy class in the specialty. I was very proud of her progress and also very appreciative of Sharon’s skillful handling and patience with this sensitive Bull Terrier puppy. Good Girl Brook!

Claire on the Specialty Weekend

Cleo Parker handling Claire a white bull terrier at a dog show

Claire was entered all three days, at the Terrier Club of Michigan show on Friday, the BTCMD Specialty Saturday and the Monroe Kennel Club show on Sunday.

Terrier Club of Michigan

The Terrier Club of Michigan offered a supported Bull Terrier show and Claire, aka Nuance Next Time Around was entered. She had a busy day Friday, winning Best White Bull Terrier in sweepstakes under Alison Sunderman, Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for one point, Best Puppy and Best Bred by Exhibitor under Carl Pew, which meant she went on to show in two separate group competitions. Claire went on to a Puppy Group Fourth under Anne Beckworth. The TCM has a bagpiper lead each of its groups into the the ring, and I was concerned that Claire would be afraid of the piper’s music. She wasn’t happy about the sound, but she also seemed to think there might be a varmint squealing in the instrument, so she took an attitude of cautious interest which allowed her to keep her cool for that musical journey around the ring!

Bull Terrier Club of Metro Detroit

Claire showed well in the Saturday Bull Terrier specialty show, and was Best of Variety in Sweepstakes as well as Best Puppy in Variety in the regular classes. She was Reserve Winners to a 3 point major as in the regular classes, and showed very well throughout the day.

Monroe Kennel Club

On Sunday, Monroe Kennel Club also had a supported Bull Terrier show entry. Claire was the only class female and was winners bitch by default. She still showed well, and we were happy to get out of the show early and to take our Saturday Bull Terrier show judge Naomi Waynee to the airport.

Worth The Work

The BTCMD Bull Terrier specialty show is always fun, this year it was a really nice time, with so many exhibitors commenting on how much they enjoyed the shows. Our Saturday evening dinner at The Quarry, had us facing a beautiful fall sunset, and nice fellowship with other exhibitors, judges, and friends. I was proud of how my girls did and hope that experience will help them adapt to new situations, and hopefully new homes, in the future.

Next Stop – Silverwood!

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