New Bull Terrier Snow Photos!

black brindle bull terrier leaping in snow
Iris in flight

Grab the Camera, It Snowed!

The 2023-24 winter season in Southeast Michigan started off unseasonably warm, but finally, in January we got enough snow that we could take some Bull Terrier photos in the snow. Mike got his camera and one at a time we got the able-bodied dogs out to take some photos. We hoped to get some that we could use for our 2024 Christmas card.

White Bull Terrier in snow
Claire Catches a snowball

Snow, Camera, Action

We used our time-tested technique of throwing snowballs and photographing the dogs running back and forth across the yard to either retrieve them or coming back to me so I’d throw another. We also did a few where we threw snowballs for the dogs to catch, which resulted in a spectacular one of Claire leaping with a snowball exploding in her face (it was too cold for good packing snow)

Enjoy the Dogs in Snow Show!

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