Bull Terrier Specialty Judging in Morgantown WV

I had my second Bull Terrier specialty judging assignment on June 16, 2019 at the Clarksburg Kennel Club in Morgantown West Virginia. This was the last show of the Golden Triangle Bull Terrier Club’s supported weekend, and as often happens over the course of 3 days of shows, there were a number of absentees. Since … Read more

A Versatile Bull Terrier!

Livi and I were pleased to receive the 2018 Versatility Award from the Bull Terrier Club of Metro Detroit. Points are awarded for dogs that get out and do performance events during the year. Livi just squeaked ahead of Billy Ford and his housemate, Lola to win this year. Lovely trophy, and nice certificates are … Read more

Rally Advanced Match #2

Livi and I headed up to Flint for another Match at the Companion Dog Training facility last weekend. The driving was harrowing at times, proving once again I am a Crazy Dog Person.This time, we tried the Advanced course off lead, which included several Master and Excellent signs. When I pointed this out, they added … Read more

Finishing up Nosework #1

Iris and I finished up our first nosework class last week. We trained with Venita Bentley, CNWI using the K9 Nosework method, where dogs search for food in different locations for the first 12 weeks. I’ve been told that Bull Terriers will be the star of their nosework classes, and I can’t really say that … Read more

Winter Dog Classic

One of the biggest dog events in Southeastern Michigan happened last weekend. Billed the Michigan Winter Dog Classic, it includes all breed shows hosted by the Livonia Kennel Club and Oakland County Kennel Club, Obedience and Rally Obedience trials, Agility trials, Barn Hunt trials, a flyball tournament, CGC and Trick Dog testing, dock diving, a … Read more

Match First: Off-Lead Rally

Bull Terrier trotting

Livi finished her Rally Intermediate title in November and we are working toward her Rally Advanced title, which is the first level of Rally where the entire performance is off-lead. At this point, we’d gone off-lead once in class before the Christmas/New Year’s holiday break. I decided to try an Advanced level match and drove … Read more

Amy finds the rat!

I took Amy to a Novice Barn Hunt training session with Coach Karli in Howell, and was pleased to find out she was very good at finding rats and importantly, not paying much attention to the the decoy rat litter tubes hidden on the barn hunt course. She gave the litter tubes the same kind … Read more

Training Master Plan

Livi recently finished her Rally Intermediate title, and I plan to pursue a Rally Advanced title with her next, which means we have to do a really scary thing – go OFF LEAD int he ring.  The stations are nearly identical to those in Rally Intermediate, so the challenge will be keeping her attention as … Read more

Welcome to the Nuance Blog

bull terrier in show ring

I started blogging with the Dog Marketing Blog, where I talk about marketing for dog products, services, and organizations, but now my Nuance Bull Terriers site is also on WordPress, I decided to start a blog here. I invite you to follow me and my Bull Terriers on our adventures!