Having Fun With Puppies

Dog Shows I enjoy having Bull Terrier puppies, but to be honest, two are too much! These girls need homes of their own. I entered Claire at the Buckeye Bull Terrier club’s supported shows in Canfield Ohio the first weekend in August. Claire (Nuance Next Time Around) went Winners Bitch for a 3-point major on … Read more

Mentoring New Exhibitors

tricolor bull terrier front view

I received a surprising email in late May, 2023 from Jussi Kakkonen, a newer Bull Terrier exhibitor who lives in Finland. He had seen my show tips page and handouts and asked if I minded looking over how he stacked his dog. He asked if I could give him some feedback on his stacking methods, … Read more

Return of a Bull Terrier Puppy

white bull terrier puppy

Puppies leave full of hope and wonder. I try to match the puppy’s personality with both the people and any other animals in the home. It does not always work out. In my Bull Terrier litter born in November 2022, starting around 8 weeks of age, the all-white girl got into fights with other girls … Read more

Only Four Bull Terrier Puppies

Bull Terrier nursing puppies

I had every intention of merrily blogging along about my Bull Terrier litter adventure with Amy and her puppies. Breeding Bull Terriers is never easy, and sometimes, like this time, it is very hard. Amy went into labor 2 days early, and one of the puppies was stillborn, which probably triggered the early labor. One … Read more

Wow! Seven Bull Terrier Puppies!

A nice surprise I knew Amy was pregnant, she had a positive ultrasound, she was acting very clingy, her belly was getting bigger, and her nipples are enlarged and bright pink. The ultrasound estimate was “3 or 4” for sure. Well, when we did an x-ray this week, which was day 54 post-ovulation, the number … Read more