Bull Terrier Specialty Judging in Morgantown WV

I had my second Bull Terrier specialty judging assignment on June 16, 2019 at the Clarksburg Kennel Club in Morgantown West Virginia. This was the last show of the Golden Triangle Bull Terrier Club’s supported weekend, and as often happens over the course of 3 days of shows, there were a number of absentees. Since … Read more

Judging my first Bull Terrier Specialty shows

Best of Variety/Best of Breed Winners My first Bull Terrier and Miniature Bull Terrier specialty judging assignment was in Pasadena CA on June 1, 2019. I was invited by the Golden State Bull Terrier Club and judged concurrent specialties for both Golden State and the Miniature Bull Terrier Club of America. What a Nice Entry! … Read more

Bull Terrier Breeding Journey

I decided to breed Iris this year, and just returned in mid May from breeding her. Breeding involves a lot of planning and work, and that’s before you even do a breeding. Evaluating My Bitch First, you evaluate the bitch, make sure she passes all the recommended health tests (in my breed, this includes a … Read more

My Dog-Friend Lifeline

Dog Emergency! Last Friday, my husband woke me up. “Something’s wrong with Marley!” he yelled. Marley, who sleeps in a different bedroom at night, was whining and struggling in her crate. When I got there she was upside down, had her blanket completely wrapped around one leg and was weaving her head back and forth. … Read more

A Versatile Bull Terrier!

Livi and I were pleased to receive the 2018 Versatility Award from the Bull Terrier Club of Metro Detroit. Points are awarded for dogs that get out and do performance events during the year. Livi just squeaked ahead of Billy Ford and his housemate, Lola to win this year. Lovely trophy, and nice certificates are … Read more