Nuance Bull Terriers Memorial Page

Nuance Bull Terriers Memorial Page

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“Laura” Hylo’s Bounty of Melrose 1968-1982

Eng/Am Ch Ormandy’s Burson’s Bounty ex ?? of Hylo
Thanks to Douglas Rose for providing me with this photo from 1970 which shows Laura with my first and only Jr. Showmanship Trophy. Laura was one of the world’s sweetest Bull Terriers and a great introduction to the breed. I was fortunate to have purchased her from Douglas, who encouraged my interest in the breed and BTCA events.

Ch Westbrook Walking Song

“Rachel” Ch. Westbrook Walking Song, C.D., ROM, TT

April 22, 1982-September 27, 1996
By Ch. Westbrook Wild One, ROM ex Kearby’s Roberta
This photo was taken when Rachel was 12.
Rachel was my second Bull Terrier and my first “real” show dog. She was honored by the Bull Terrier Club of America as the first dog to win its Versatility Award and also as a Brood Bitch Emeritus. To date, she is the only Bull Terrier to receive both these awards She was the Queen of the Bull Terriers in her mind, and in mine. She is sadly missed.

Ch Nuance Newport News

“Arnie” Am/Can Ch. Nuance Newport News ROM

5/23/85 to 8/20/2000
By Can Ch. Weise Headstrong Huggable Hunk ex Am Ch. Westbrook Walking Song C.D., ROM, TT
Arnie was a Silverwood Finalist in Calgary in 1986; he was my first homebred champion and ROM This photo was taken shortly after Arnie’s 11th birthday Arnie was a great character, who typified the true Bull Terrier spirit

Ch Nuance Nosferatu

“Mitch” Am/Can Ch. Nuance Nosferatu, ROM

4/26/87 to 7/20/2001
By Am/Can Ch. Jocko’s Caesar of Magor, ROM ex Am Ch. Westbrook Walking Song, C.D., ROM, TT
Mitch was a Silverwood finalist at the 1989 Detroit Silverwood. He was a sweet boy, a keen stud dog who was still flirting through the week he died. He was a bit shy, totally ball obsessed, and the most beautiful dog I’ve owned. This photo was taken when Mitch was about 2 years old. A great loss.

“Toby” Ch. Nuance Night Life, ROM 1987-2002


Am/Can Ch Jocko’s Caesar of Magor, ROM ex Ch Westbrook Walking Song, C.D., ROM, TT
“Toby” was a Silverwood finalist in both 1998 and 1999. A lively personality, he lived with Tony and Karen (Andrews) Micallef. Karen is a vet tech and I’m sure her professional care contributed to Toby’s longevity.

“Gus” Ch. Nuance Nice Touch

Ch Nuance Nice Touch

By Am/Can Ch. Jocko’s Caesar of Magor, ROM ex Am Ch. Westbrook Walking Song, C.D., ROM, TT
“Gus” 1987-1996
Gus was Best of Breed at the Bull Terrier Club of Metro Detroit’s specialty in 1988. He lived with Zimmerman family in Temperance, Michigan. This photo was taken when Gus was two years old.

“Buzzy” Ch. Nuance Nonpareil, TT

Ch Nuance Nonpareil

“Buzzy” 1987-1999
Buzzy is behind all the dogs I have today through her son Ch Nuance Nominee, She was the official “bed dog” at Jennifer Lawless’s Rosendorn Rottweiler kennel and made many friends for the breed

“Grant” Ch. Nuance Nominee

“Grant” 1992-2004
Grant was Reserve White Dog at Silverwood in Vancouver in 1995, he was also a Silverwood finalist in 1994. An incredibly typey dog, he also had a phenomenal “200% Bull Terrier” attitude. He lived with Ken and Michelle Potts in Canton Michigan.

“Sam” Ch Nuance Nice Guy

By Am/Can Ch Bullyrook Batteries Included, ROM ex Ch Nuance Nonpareil, TT
Sam is shown here finishing his championship under breeder judge Anna Harris. Sam was a big, well made dog with a very sweet temperament. He is missed by his family, Bob, Jennifer, Stephanie and Brendan Bender.

Nuance Nebula

“Cosmo” Nuance Nebula

By Ch. Brummagem Chips Ahoy ROM ex Am/Can Horizon’s Harlequin Romance, RN
Cosmo was Nikki and Tiki’s littermate. He retired from the show ring with 10 points including 2 majors and is shown here taking a Group 3 at the Livonia Kennel Club show in 2004. Cosmo unfortunately suffered from two unusual conditions, early onset laryngeal paralysis and a severe heart condition. He maintained his health under the excellent care of Karen and Pete Andrews in Brighton, Michigan until at ten years he passed after an aggressive cancer developed. A mellow, sweet dog who handled his challenges with grace.

“Ada” Ch Horizon’s Harlequin Romance, RN

“Ada” 1998-2013
Ada is the granddaughter of Ch Nuance Nominee and was bred by Kevin & Patti Gardner and Paula & Rocce Grecco. I purchased her from Kevin in 1998 and she has been the “new foundation” for Nuance since that time. She had a lively temperament, but was very sweet with people and all dogs. Ada stayed in remarkably good condition through her 15 years and would still hucklebutt around the yard with granddaughter Marley until shortly before she died. You can read more about Ada on her page

Anna Nicole

“Anna Nicole” Nuance Nonconformance

By Ch Brummagem Chips Ahoy, ROM ex Am/Can Ch. Horizon’s Harlequin Romance, RN
My heart dog, no question about it. So full of personality, an adorable little bundle of type and the essence of Bull Terrier. Unfortunately she had the recessive brown or liver pigmentation gene, which held her back in the show ring, but not the whelping box, where she produced both the 2008 Silverwood Winner and Reserve Colored Bitch in the same litter, for which she was recognized with the 2008 Eva Weatherill Brood Bitch trophy from the BTCA.Read more about Anna on her page

Am/Can Ch Nuance Night and Day, ROM

“Nikki” Am/Can Ch Nuance Night and Day, ROM

By Ch. Brummagem Chips Ahoy ROM ex Am/Can Horizon’s Harlequin Romance, RN
Nikki was the #1 Colored Bull Terrier bitch in both breed and all breed points in 2005, and #2 to Rufus overall. She is a three time Silverwood finalist and is shown here finishing her championship at the Golden Triangle BTC specialty in 2004. Nikki lived with Denise, Warren, and Lindsay Myers in Clarkston, Michigan.

Am/Can Ch Nuance Nougat Center

“Tiki” Am/Can Ch Nuance Nougat Center, ROM

By Ch. Brummagem Chips Ahoy ROM ex Am/Can Horizon’s Harlequin Romance, RN
Tiki is Nikki’s brother and was a Silverwood finalist in 2004 and has several group placements to his credit. He was often called on to demonstrate correct Bull Terrier movement at judges seminars and is shown here winning the 2004 Dancing Master Movement competition which is part of the Bronze Trophy show. Tiki lived with Ken Potts in Canton, Michigan.

Nuance Nightfall

“Carson” Ch Nuance Nightcap

By Ch Emred Rum Runner ex Ch Nuance Nonchalance, ROM
Carson was born in November 2009 and finished his championship in March, 2013. He started off with a bang, shown here going WD for 5 AKC and 2 ROM points from the 9-12 Puppy class at the BTCMD specialty under Norma Smith in 2010. Carson was co-owned by and livee with Dan Cameron and his sons Kyle and Austin in Livonia MI. He unfortunately died far too young from a brief and very aggressive infectious illness.

red and white bull terrier
Am/Can Ch Nuance Nonsense, ROM, RATS by Ch Silmaril Scarlet Knight ex Nuance Nonconformance 2006-2021

Easily my most successful show dog, Marley is greatly missed, Silverwood winner, Barn Hunt natural, and just an all around sweet dog, except with varmints. She lived a long and productive life and was not only a Silverwood winner and Top Bull Terrier in Canada in 2008, she became a Brood Bitch Emeritus with her only litter where 3 of the 5 puppies finished their BTCA ROM titles. She lived to be 15 and loved being shown in veterans every chance she got. What a great dog!

Nuance Night Moves
“Phoebe” Nuance Night Moves

by Ch Old Forge Tug McGraw at Chevalier ROM ex Ch Nuance Night and Day, ROM (2007-2021)

Phoebe was a daughter of Nikki, Ch Nuance Night Moves. She finished her championship, but never achieved quite the level of dog show stardom of either parent. She lived with her mother and her owners, Warren, Denise, and Lindsay Myers in Clarkston Michigan and frequently attended car shows with her family. She is shown here getting a major under Carl Pew.

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