White Bull Terrier Nuance Next Big Thing
Amy at 17 months

By Ch Megavilles Signing Off, ROM ex GCH Ch Nuance Naughty or Nice, ROM, BN, RA, CGCA, TKI, NSD RATO

Photo by Brianne Colling
Amy’s Pedigree in pdf Format

  • Amy’s Show Wins 2020
    • 10/26/2020 Bull Terrier Club of Metro Detroit Judge Diane Foote: Award of Merit
    • 10/24/2020 Silverwood Trophy Competition Judges: Becky Poole & Victoria Corse: Movement Finalist
    • 9/27/2020 Terrier Club of Michigan Judge Merle Taylor: BOS and NOHS BV 1 AKC GCH point
      • Judge Janie Bousek NOHS Terrier Group 4
    • 8/2/2020 Fort Steuben KA Judge John Spurr: Select 3 AKC GCH points
    • 8/1/2020 Beaver County KC Judge Susie Kinglsey Harris BOS 3 ROM points, 5 AKC GCH points
    • 7/31/Columbiana County KC Judge Robert Shreve Select, 5 AKC GCH points
    • 3/8/2020 Bull Terrier Club of St Louis Judge Gayle Denman Select, 5 AKC GCH points
  • Amy’s Show Wins 2019
    • 9/28/2019 Bull Terrier Club of Metro Detroit Judge Jan Dykema: Select bitch 5 GCH points
    • 8/4/2019 Mahoning-Shenango Kennel Club Judge: Melanie Whitehair, Select bitch 4 AKC GCH points
    • 8/2/2029 Columbiana County KC Judge: Desmond Murphy, BOS 1 ROM and 4 AKC GCH points
    • 5/27/2019 Corn Belt Kennel Club Judge: Jane Messineo Lindquist (Killion) WB, BW, BOS, 2 AKC and 3 ROM points
    • 3/10/2019 Bull Terrier Club of St Louis Judge: Jane Messineo Lindquist (Killion) WB, BOS 2 AKC points
  • Amy’s Show Wins 2018
    • 11/11/2018 Grand Rapids KC Judge: Jon Cole, WB, BOS, 1 AKC Point
    • 11/10/2019 Kalamazoo KC Judge: Desi Murphy WB, BW, BV, 1 AKC point
    • Mahoning-Shanango KC Judge: Colin “Skip” Greaney WB, 3 AKC Points, 1 ROM point
    • Columbiana County KC Judge Jane Messineo Lindquist (Killion) WB, BW 5 AKC Points, 2 ROM points
    • 2/10/2018 Central Indiana KC Judge: Lorraine Boutwell, WB, BW, BOS 1 AKC point

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Updated December 29, 2020