Only Four Bull Terrier Puppies

Bull Terrier nursing puppies

I had every intention of merrily blogging along about my Bull Terrier litter adventure with Amy and her puppies. Breeding Bull Terriers is never easy, and sometimes, like this time, it is very hard. Amy went into labor 2 days early, and one of the puppies was stillborn, which probably triggered the early labor. One … Read more

Wow! Seven Bull Terrier Puppies!

A nice surprise I knew Amy was pregnant, she had a positive ultrasound, she was acting very clingy, her belly was getting bigger, and her nipples are enlarged and bright pink. The ultrasound estimate was “3 or 4” for sure. Well, when we did an x-ray this week, which was day 54 post-ovulation, the number … Read more

Dog Show Weekend

Bull Terrier Club of St Louis Shows Amy and I headed out this morning for St Louis, traveling through Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and finally Missouri. We arrived at our hotel about 2:15 local time, then moved on to the show site. Amy showed well, but ran into some tough competition, going 2nd in her … Read more

Amy finds the rat!

I took Amy to a Novice Barn Hunt training session with Coach Karli in Howell, and was pleased to find out she was very good at finding rats and importantly, not paying much attention to the the decoy rat litter tubes hidden on the barn hunt course. She gave the litter tubes the same kind … Read more